About Us


A Brave New World

Technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives – closing the distance between us and access to information, things, places and people. The reality of the world we live in is that we are going to meet people online. Because of this reality, today’s generation is naturally more trusting of strangers – from getting into a random car with one to allowing couriers, dog walkers, and cleaning professionals, etc. into your home when you’re not there. We trust complete strangers with our most prized possessions, our safe havens and our most vulnerable selves.

We Believe in Choice

dig is founded on the belief that while this is the reality of the world we live in, there are resources to help us navigate this world with awareness. People should know more about their dates than they can find out from an online dating profile and parents should know more about the people they allow around their children. By providing fast, easy and affordable access to basic background searches, dig allows people to integrate due diligence into everyday judgement calls.

dig Founders


Michele Wang

Founder & CEO

Michele Wang spent over thirteen years working for global Media & Entertainment companies both big and small implementing better business practices. As the former Sr. Director of Global Content Protection Operations at the MPAA, Michele was responsible for establishing training programs for the organization’s internet investigators worldwide. She was asked to speak at IBM’s Intelligence Conference in 2016 and is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).


Anthony Damiano

Co-Founder & CTO

Privacy-obsessed ethical hacker, winner of DEF CON, retired US Marine Special Forces, and highly experienced geek with over twenty years of technical experience. Anthony has held various Information Technology & Security Management positions at large Media & Entertainment companies and spearheaded technology projects for the NSA and FBI. Anthony also participates as a developer on many large scale open source projects.


dig Advisers


Andrés has spent his entire career at the intersection of startups, technology, and finance - driving innovation in the public financial markets. He is currently the Head of Product for Accrete, a fintech AI startup. Prior, he was a Principal at SeedInvest, a venture fund and leading equity crowdfunding platform, where he sourced and vetted hundreds of early and mid-stage startup deals. Andrés received his degree in Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, and Marketing from The Wharton School.